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Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

Leading Man: What a fantastic title!

November 17th, 2006 (12:03 am)
current song: Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life

mood: intrigued

Feeling a bit more mellow as of late. Older and wiser I suppose would be the term. My new script is coming along nicely, although I have to admit I'm pretty raw from the experience of delving into old childhood traumas and writing them down on paper as a script. This script is only loosely autobiographical, but I can't help but feel self conscious when I write down a true scene. Will I let those involved actually read it? If I do, how will they react. I know it's supposed to be therapuetic to let these kinds of things out creatively, but I can't help but feel apprehensive about the final product. It is the truiest thing I've ever written, and its even uncomfortable for ME to read some of it. But it is the story I envision, and it must be done. Still nursing some of the wounds that are in this script, but they make one hell of a story, and I can't wait to read this film when its complete.


Posted by: Christine (phantomtravel3r)
Posted at: October 6th, 2007 09:26 am (UTC)

hey slayerchick,

great to hear from you! i'll reply to your kmc message sometime. as to your questions, i'm doing fine these days. busy with college so far. trying to finish up and move onto my last two years of college. have yet to figure out a major or two. not much luck in writing stories and poems or songs. have such wicked writer's block. which is a bummer. used to update and chat alot on xanga and then moved over to here recently. now, about rpgs, i don't have the time for them anymore. plus, i kind of lose interest after a time. but they are fun. would like to check some out here at lj. so, i haven't rped in ages. the last one i played was for supernatural which is no longer in production. the rpg that is. that was at xanga. well, hope you get my comment and reply back on my lj! by the way, which would work better, chatting on lj, kmc, or other? alright, enough about me! let me know how you are and so forth.

take care and have a great weekend,

p/s: aka BOPRecruit_16 at KMC Forums. and also, i friended you not long ago!

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