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Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

Some nerdy afterthoughts...

November 20th, 2008 (12:11 pm)

In Star Wars: Episode 3, when the Emperor tells Anakin that his old master was so powerful that he could "even create life", that implies that Anakin's supposed "immaculate conception could have been orchestrated by the Sith in order to create the ultimate Sith Lord. Thank Lucas, for inventing a completely AWESOME concept within the Star Wars canon in the last 20 years and completely avoiding the concept...you probably did it accidentally, you jerk.

God, forbid, if Pushing Daisies gets canceled, my vision of the show involves Ned and Chuck living to a ripe old age, and on Ned's death bed, they finally kiss again, they they both die beautifully....OR it just occurs to me that Ned can die, Chuck kisses him, and then die of old age/.broken heart, etc, and NOT because she touched him. Agh, glorious tragedy. Bryan Fuller would never let Chuck die in any way not gorgeous.

I am SO into Histeria (tm) right now! the last vestiges of my childhood television watching and it will be how my children learn about Sergei Eisenstein and the Industrial Revolution. Yay learning!

Incidentally, Captain and Flapjack is one of my favorite new cartoons right now.

Also, I don't have to go to Greece to know about Greek mythology, asshole.

mood: righteously academic

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

Who wants to be right as rain? It's better when something is wrong...

November 19th, 2008 (03:25 pm)
current location: the two hour black hole between classes
current song: Willow Willow - "Fall In Awe"

I think you know the way, so in your world I'll stay...

This is the longest week ever, but I'm loving it.

mood:  Just a tad twitterpated

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

On the science/hell of roommate relationships...

October 15th, 2008 (04:27 pm)

current mood: discontent

A collection of wonderfully vague observations in the form of a  Pro and Con list:

PRO: You really feel a connection with him. And lets face it, this is what you've wanted for a while.
PRO: He has openly and expressively made his feelings known. He actually LIKES you. And in a potentially serious way.
CON: You're both unsure if this is the right/smart thing to do...BUT
PRO: You can talk about it together in a civil and rational manner for an extended period of time without getting emotionally distraught.

THEREFORE: concerns of inabilities to communicate have already been addressed and placated.
PRO: You're BOTH just as emotionally distraught about how painful not being together seems to be.
THEREFORE: You're both strongly invested in one another.
CON: Both your parents find the situation tenuous (they're paying for you to live there, you "changed the rules on them" etc)
SO: We probably won't get their blessing or 100% support.
CON: Potential awkwardness around friends (lovey-dovey stuff)
BUT: I think we can be discrete and responsible and keep our relationship seperate from friend time
CON: According to most people (both from friends and those who post their opinions on the internet,) its a horrible horrible idea to date a friend who is (doubly egregiously) your roommate.
BUT: One has to consider the caliber of people that tend to write those horror stories with roommate dating. Are they the most reliable source on the subject? Would they have broken up anyway? WHY did they break up in teh first place, and would we have those issues? Are they people that tend to attract drama no matter what? There HAVE to be examples of this working out for the better, right?
PRO: What if they're wrong...what if we can work it out? Statistically speaking, dating roommates MUST turn out alright once in a while!
PRO: Vindicated for years of stressing and pining.
The supposedly "inevitable"breakup. How awkward will it be?
PRO: Knowing someone so well makes a relationship with that person feel safe, secure, comfortable.
CON: The eventual issues with physical intimacy. You can have all the chemistry in the world and not be that sexually compatible. Maybe that could be the deal breaker.
PRO: I love being around and with him.
PRO: From a pure compatibility perspective, we both seem to be in the same boat with experience and expectations for relationships.
BUT: Will us both wanting/only being capable of a serious relationship be a problem?

I'm too god-damned optimistic for my own good. I want it to work, but maybe my investment comes from a place of rejection and disappointment. Do I just want to be with him no matter the cost? Am I being selfish?

Was this is an attraction born from convenience and proximity? Are his feelings not as genuine as mine? I've been nursing this wound for a while, and is this just unexpected.
FEAR ON TOP OF FEAR: Am I expecting something too perfect out of this? Should I not look a gift horse in the mouth and just take the plunge, logic be damned, if its really what i want and I know it will make me happy?

CURSE: Dammit, why can't I predict how this would turn out?

NOTE: Which dilemma is worse? Not having someone in your life? Or wanting to be with someone who wants you too, but you shouldn't?
The age old debate between Unrequited and Starcrossed love...

THESIS: In the end, there is only one question for him to answer.

"Would you have asked me out if we weren't living together?"

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

Listening to Thunder as I Write...

July 8th, 2008 (05:04 pm)

From the personal diary of Lady Worcestershire of Canterbury.

Dearest Reginald,

I sit here in the library watching a giant thunderstorm as it rages on outside the window I sit near. It's a gas have the lightning go off AFTER the thunder, which can only be caused by some crazy paradox of time and space. The windows shake a bit, which is a tad disconcerting, but thank goodness for Florida construction codes. It's interesting to me how I'm fascinated by lightning instead of frightened by it like we're genetic predisposed to. It's perfect writing weather for me, personally. "In the chills of the storm, the dead come to walk amongst the living" and all that jazz...

The baby screeching in the background, may or may not be doing so because of the weather, but its still rather funny.

So, a refresher on the last few films/general things I've experienced.

Wall-E: brilliant. I cried the second time I saw it. The 'top' actors of the day should take a thing or two from a handful of faceless robots. God knows they emote better.

LiveSearch: Wow, its not a crock! I now have a complimentary Zune ear buds and a $90 Microsoft camera. Very fun, I must say. We'll see if the new apartment offers some better places to film for my YouTube channel.

Yup, the kid's definitely screaming at the storm.

Until again.

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

What its Like to be a Teenage Clone, Colon, A Rope of Sand

June 10th, 2008 (08:15 pm)

Chapter One: Art Deco Books are Heavy!

Just got back from what will more than likely be one of many trips to the library this summer. I'm a little pissed that the wireless access there at the good old book rental store is a teasing merciless  strumpet, luring me with its promises of "excellent connections" but at the same time refusing to actually give me Internet at all. Anyway, I had a delightful time, accept for the fact that I forgot headphones. I went there with a secondary goal of burning off some CDs from them and I couldn't even listen to them, or use the Internet to label them, or  the last minute, I grabbed two art deco books so I could research architecture and clothing for the 1920s-1930s time period. And holy crap they were the biggest books in the dang library!

Chapter 2: Trying out LiveSearch again!

After years, or more precisely months away from Microsoft's thinly veiled marketing campaign, Live Search Club, I have returned to the fold in order to continue their age old traditions of getting some free shit for doing glorified crossword puzzles and word jumbles. Thanks to the efforts of all those I gave my username and password to in an effort to bolster my ticket earning, since I have recently ordered a pair of Zune ear buds...we'll see if they show up this year. I'm seriously not going to order anything else till those come in. though I AM going to keep playing to build up points. Shooting for that kitchen mixer, baby! *SIGH* I wish they still had the Xbox on there...

Part C: Grim Fandango is Delightful...

I KNEW that Manny Calavera's voice sounded familiar on that game. Its the dad from Ugly Betty! Awesome. I know want to write something with the caliber of imaginativeness that Tim Schafer puts into his work (see Escape From Monkey Island, the aforementioned Grim Fandango, and the uproariously entertaining Psychonauts). All I could do last night was brainstorm stuff along the lines of:

"Now what kind of awesome occupation could a bunch of kids go to summer camp for? Spies? Too much like Spy Kids...Superheroes? Goddammit Sky High!"

...and other similar tangents. I would love to do what I did with Terra and Advent Crisis and take what was essentially a Fanfiction of some other work and transform it into something inherently original. After all, my mantra lately has been "Everything literary is inter-textual"  aka "Everything borrows from something else." We can't escape exposure to information and ideas, so how can someone think that anything is completely and utterly original. Hooray for inspiration!

Page Four: Cleaning My Room

I need to go do that.


Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

checking the new linkage

October 8th, 2007 (07:49 pm)

Since it seems that Viacom and several other companies have become the mortal enemies of the entertainment fans of America, my screename on YouTube has been banned. As a result, I have had to explore new avenues to express myself. And voila! Photobucket links!

DISCLAIMER: all characters, plots, fonts, scenes, and actors from BtVs and Angel DO NOT belong to me! All but one character in this video are the sole possession of FOX and their subsidiaries.

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

Leading Man: What a fantastic title!

November 17th, 2006 (12:03 am)
current song: Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life

mood: intrigued

Feeling a bit more mellow as of late. Older and wiser I suppose would be the term. My new script is coming along nicely, although I have to admit I'm pretty raw from the experience of delving into old childhood traumas and writing them down on paper as a script. This script is only loosely autobiographical, but I can't help but feel self conscious when I write down a true scene. Will I let those involved actually read it? If I do, how will they react. I know it's supposed to be therapuetic to let these kinds of things out creatively, but I can't help but feel apprehensive about the final product. It is the truiest thing I've ever written, and its even uncomfortable for ME to read some of it. But it is the story I envision, and it must be done. Still nursing some of the wounds that are in this script, but they make one hell of a story, and I can't wait to read this film when its complete.

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

(no subject)

November 7th, 2006 (09:20 pm)
current song: Bebo Norman - To Find My Way To You

mood: delighted

Completely and utterly impressed with life at the moment.

Because innocent facebook flirting is fun :-D

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

(no subject)

November 1st, 2006 (01:33 am)

I think deep down, everyone wants this.

Angela aka Artemis Hunter [userpic]

Arrested Development is Delightful

October 11th, 2006 (06:37 pm)

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